The Benefits of Using a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

More people seem to be using a fiber laser cutting machine and it’s easy to see why. It’s certainly a firm favorite of many and it’s good for those who want to set up a small craft and engraving business from home. However, there are still many who remain a bit unsure of the machine and whether or not it can offer as many benefits as it appears to. So, what are the potential benefits to come from a laser cutting machines? Read on to find out more.

Offers Better Precision

Whether you are trying to cut a piece of plastic, glass or another type of material, it’s not easy. You have to be very precise but very careful and it’s hard to get the balance right without breaking the materials. However, when you look at a laser cutter machine you can get a great tool that doesn’t take too long to use. You can get nice, clean and crisp cuts (including edges) without making life too difficult. This is why so many are choosing to use such tools and they can really offer you so much. What is more, it’s a great tool for most people whether it’s a one-off project or something they will use time and time again.

It’s A Good and Cost-Effective Machine

Despite what you might think, the overall running costs of the laser cutters can be pretty inexpensive. You have the ability to get a great machine that you can use as and when you need it and without too much trouble. Being able to get a cost-effective machine is so important today and you are going to find you get all that and more. However, the fiber laser cutting machine can enable you to get a simple way to deal with lots of materials without the need of having several different cutting machines. It’s a popular option simply because it has a lot of offer newcomers and those with limited experience of such things.

It Is Easy To Use

If you don’t have much experience with laser cutting tools, it can often be difficult to use a tool that is very new to you. However, with the use of a laser cutter machine you can find it is extremely simple to use and that it offers so much. You don’t have to put in a lot of hard work but the results can be great. What is more, you don’t really need to do much once you get the machine going. However, it would be wise to educate yourself as to how to use the machine so that you remain safe at all times.

Benefit From the Machine Today

Fiber laser cutters are really quite useful and they can offer a lot for those with and without experience. Of course, you have to be careful with these machines so that you don’t hurt yourself however; it’s not overly difficult to do once you know what you’re doing. There has never been a better time to look into a laser cutter and what it can provide for you today too. A fiber laser cutting machine is a great tool.

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Benefits of Combining C02 and Fiber Laser Machines for Sheet Metal Job Shops


Historically Co2 laser technology has been the laser of choice for both organic and non-organic materials, especially processing metal. However,  Fiber Laser technology with all its efficiency and speed are showing up more and more in metal shops across the country.


Benefits of Fiber Cutting Technology:

Fiber lasers are shown to process quicker and cheaper than their CO2 counterparts especially when cutting thinner metals 5mm  or less.  As for thin sheet metal, Fiber cuts nearly three times quicker than  CO2 and operation expenses are typically are half what’s needed compared to CO2.   But, fiber ONLY processes metal and nothing else really.   Nontheless, fiber continues lower electrical consumption and maintenance requirements for metal and there’s less down time.  Therefore, you find the absence of mirrors that you typically need with CO2 systems.  Additionally, owing to the absence of mirrors and optical device gas they need less maintenance. Mating intervals area unit usually five hundredths longer that successively permits for five hundredth lower mating prices. Moreover, they need fewer consumables to work, and therefore the consumables needed area unit cheaper than the associated greenhouse gas systems.

As the beam created from the fiber optics is additional without delay absorbed into the metals, this provides the power to chop reflective metals like copper, brass and metal whereas cutting these metals with a greenhouse gas optical device may injury the machine owing to intense back reflection. This provides larger flexibility to require additional expansive work.  Research has shown that just about seventieth of all cutting applications within the flat solid cutting market area unit within the thin-material vary underneath 5mm thick. This constitutes an outsized phase of the flat solid market.

Benefits of greenhouse gas Lasers

The cut quality of a CO2 laser is pretty consistent.   Whereas fiber being a superior cutter within thinner metals starts to lose cut quality once the fabric thickness exceeds 5mm when working with 500 watts.   Of course power and speed need to be accounted for when working with metal processing. While fiber offers performance blessings within the thin material there is some variance.   The good thing with CO2 is it only improves when the metal thickness starts to exceed 5mm.

While this might be true once examination most Fiber Lasers to greenhouse gas, in some units the final agreement of cut quality in Fiber could vary. At 2kW IPG’s Fiber optical device units are shown to realize adequate or superior cut quality to the greenhouse gas optical device right up to 12mm in low-carbon steel. At this thickness, the optical device conjointly cut at associate degree equal speed to greenhouse gas and energy consumption per cut half was still lower victimisation the fiber technology.

Benefits of incorporating each technology

It is clear that every optical device technology offers strengths which will directly complement the opposite, with fiber providing larger efficiency within the thin metal sector (0.5mm – 5mm) and greenhouse gas providing a larger blessing within thicker metals (5 to 6mm and above). Be sure to investigate the company you purchase from.  Usually you can find reviews from customers online.  For example here is a popular review for a laser company as an example.  It may or may not be accurate but the more of the same info you find the more you can get a good idea of what is really truthful.  Most job outlets have historically used greenhouse gas lasers completely as they supply consistent cut quality and in operation prices throughout variable ranges of metal thickness. Given the niche blessings of fiber technology but one will simply deduce the advantages of getting a 1 to enhance the operation of the employment search greatly.


Before taking a consequent step, you must contact your native skilled in optical device cutting machines for additional data. When considering your next possibility for your Fiber Laser cutting machine, it’s best to speak to some specialists and ensure that you just are becoming the simplest machine for your operation.

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The Optics Side of the CO2 vs Fiber Laser Discussion

Laser Cutter

There are a variety of articles that you can find on the web that discusses the comparisons of the co2 laser cutter performance to the fiber content laser. It has been covered by lots of well-respected industry publications. There is no longer a discussion about if fiber can compete with CO2 for metal processing – particularly thin sheet metal. Some of the OEMs have already reached the tipping point and are selling more fiber lasers than CO2.

Sales pitch aside

Setting aside the sales pitch that fiber is better in providing light than a CO2 laser, let us break into the optical components. The fiber laser has a series of focal optic depths. Some in the resonator which create the power plus some in the beam delivery system which changes the phase of the beam before the beam hits the ultimate optic, the laser reduction lens.

Fiber Laser Machines Can Be Solid State with Diodes or Disk

The dietary fiber laser beam delivery can be stable status with diodes or disk or using the newer style large function area (LMA) or even continuous-wave single-transverse-mode power. The truth is that all the optics are positioned in the cutting mod only. No mirrors, result couplers or H2O cooled copper lines.

However, and it is a big “but”…the little-discussed issue is the fact that if the CO2 laser must maintain a clean environment to perform better, the fiber laser must be maintained clean on a whole new degree of spotlessness.

CO2 laser a little dirty. A fiber lens will not

The co2 laser cutter will work if it is a little dirty  A fiber focal lense will not. A particulate, which is smaller when compared to a virus microbe, will end the life span of the fibers lens. Associated with, is that you are by using a different light influx size. CO2 is in the IR (infrared) range. Fiber content is in the noticeable light range.

To be able to assist in keeping the laser cutter machine in the fiber machine clean, you must use a protecting window. The very best protective windows are made of fused silica and have an AR (anti-reflective) covering on them. This enables the beam to pass through from the zoom lens to the part you are chopping, but it stops debris or dirt and grime contaminants from getting back on to the lens.

OEMS of Fiber Lasers Kept Increasing Power

As the OEMs of dietary fiber lasers stored increasing ability, another major difference became evident. When you’d a fiber content laser at 1K or 1.5K, the end user could easily change a zoom lens. However, once you started out upping the energy, to 3K and 4K the tires fell off of the wagon so to speak. Suddenly the end users were going through scores of lenses.


To make the kind of changes that you need to cut different kinds of material, the beam would have to be extended. So collimating optics were added into the cutting brain of the fiber laser. Again the issue only became exacerbated by this addition. More optics that require protection!

All this boils down to two major factors, quality and cleanliness.

There is no replacement for quality. Layer quality is as different as the firms that make them. Making a good coating is part technology and part enchanting. It requires lots of experience to get it right. Testing and continually enhancing the process has made Ophir an innovator in the covering industry for optics in lasers and infrared optics for evening eye-sight and a million other optical tasks worldwide. The laser lens for the fiber laser machines is absolutely important component.

Most of the time you can find decent feedback online from customers.  You can find reviews of Laguna Tools here.

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