IEHK Laser / CNIEHK Reviews 2018 – WARNING

If you’re looking for IEHK reviews (or CNIEHK) you will want to read this (Read comments below).  I was looking at buying a cheap laser cutter here in the US (I won’t be importing direct from a China laser supplier for reasons mentioned later) and I ran across one of IEHK Enterprises machine ads on Google.  (Note at the time of this writing they changed their website domain to:

In the process of checking them out I found some shocking / shady business practices.  So, for the sake of karma I thought this review might offer some REAL feedback and caution should you also be looking to buy from IEHK or any other China laser cutter supplier.

I have discovered that many China suppliers operate similar to IEHK.  By that I mean they either export direct from their warehouse to their US client (they may or may not handle the importation and processing fees), or they have a small distribution spot here in the US as a distribution point…or worse they simply have a US front i.e. a PO box or fake US address and claim that as their business address on their website.

As far as IEHK Enterprises is concerned their products include T-shirt printers, UV and hot press printers, Bottle printers, CNC routers, Plasma cutters, and of course laser cutters and engravers.   With such a wide array of different machine technology how good are they with any specific one?  In this case I ran across their larger format laser engraver – and found it surprisingly cheap.

I did a quick search, but didn’t find any reviews on IEHK – other than ‘reviews’ they manufactured on their FaceBook page below (most reviews were 5 stars all of which were done on the same day -June 1, 2017 –  within minutes of each other.)  So, I decided to relay to you what I discovered so you can take heed.  Lot of red flags here…

If you have any experience yourself please leave your comments below for the benefit of anyone else also considering this company.


Like I mentioned their machines are extremely cheap.  I mean to the point that its really hard to believe.  For example their Google ad displays a 48×60″ sized CO2 laser engraver priced at – $1,500.  Huh?  When you click the ad and land on their product page you’re forced to select the power to add to the machine.  The lowest option is 60W which then pushes the price up to $3,999.  Which is still scary cheap, but I’d say pretty misleading as well.  I chatted with them and finally got an answer…

IEHK laser


The ‘smoke -n- mirrors’ doesn’t stop there…

IEHK’s CONTACT US page as of 5/20/17  (now  displays a US address in Wayne, PA .  Google Maps shows as a 3 story office building.  Obviously not where they warehouse machines.  Their company is not listed as one of the tenants in suite 1 so it could be a US address they use as a front for their website and to provide a formal LLC business address.  But, this is the only address you can find on their website?  It’s a little misleading.  A little digging shows their actual place of business:  Kowloon Hong Kong, China.

IEHK Enterprises location

Below is info I pulled from a chat session:

IEHK company chat

Concerns here of course is if IEHK isn’t forthcoming with their pricing or where they operate out of then what else are they covering up?  They say it ships directly from China and they handle the customs so it arrives to you.  In a perfect world yes but I’ll tell you it’s not that easy.  Even if it does arrive there’s a good chance it’s been damaged, inoperable, or both – very likely with glass laser tube.  In which case you’re stuck waiting (and hoping) they’ll re ship the correct parts from China.

The laser only has a 3 month warranty while the machine has 2 years?  That’s like buying a car with a 3 year warranty while the motor is only 3 months.  That’s a big red flag.

The support will also come direct from China.  That includes a 12 hour time difference,  a language and quality standard barrier.  So whatever you saved up front all of a sudden can get expensive from here on out.

IEHK prices are good but payment terms are 40% down and the balance being paid prior to customs clearance.   That places the risk on the importer again since China tech companies are often notorious for having product held by the CBP due to a non-compliant FDA accession number that’s either not accurate or up to date.  Often products (especially tech products) the CBP will formally hold and inspect machines for components that they suspect to be counterfeit.  This is very common. And if ANY small or large item is determined to be counterfeit (regardless if you have knowledge of it or not) you the importer will not only lose the machine you will also be fined and potentially black listed from importing in the future.  What are the odds of your machine being inspected?  Unfortunately it’s much greater if either you or your exporter are new to import/exporting.  A broker can help facilitate the shipping process, but they can’t prevent the CBP from making sure the exporter is responsible for having legit documentation and machine that will pass the CBP.  So, that’s why its just not worth the risk of saving a few bucks importing a hobby laser direct from a Chinese company you’re not experienced with.  I say that because  I’ve experienced the worst of it – even after doing a due diligence on the supplier.

I’m not saying that all Chinese suppliers importing laser machines are dishonest.  Many are not.  And others are just ignorant and don’t understand how serious the US CBP comes down on illegitimate or undocumented products from China.  So, for those reasons I’m going to stick to buying direct from a USA based laser company.


cniehk reviewsIEHK or CNIEHK Enterprise Review Links:

Some other reviews (below) from customers show money was paid but no laser cutter was sent.  Again, that is the big risk since they do not customs clear the machine until they receive payment.  The ResellerRatings page has now been taken down so it no longer shows IEHK’s 2 reviews.   Very well could be another cover up.

Facebook Reviews (20+ 5-star reviews all on same day!? – Due to this post it was removed)

Ebay owners fire selling:

BBB Reviews:   (address is just an office suite)

How does IEHK make their YouTube videos?  They don’t need to in some cases. They take other companies vids and upload to their own account…

Here’s an example:

Original youtube vid:

IEHK steals the original (above), cuts out the intro / outro and posts it under their IEHK account below:



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The Optics Side of the CO2 vs Fiber Laser Discussion

Laser Cutter

There are a variety of articles that you can find on the web that discusses the comparisons of the co2 laser cutter performance to the fiber content laser. It has been covered by lots of well-respected industry publications. There is no longer a discussion about if fiber can compete with CO2 for metal processing – particularly thin sheet metal. Some of the OEMs have already reached the tipping point and are selling more fiber lasers than CO2.

Sales pitch aside

Setting aside the sales pitch that fiber is better in providing light than a CO2 laser, let us break into the optical components. The fiber laser has a series of focal optic depths. Some in the resonator which create the power plus some in the beam delivery system which changes the phase of the beam before the beam hits the ultimate optic, the laser reduction lens.

Fiber Laser Machines Can Be Solid State with Diodes or Disk

The dietary fiber laser beam delivery can be stable status with diodes or disk or using the newer style large function area (LMA) or even continuous-wave single-transverse-mode power. The truth is that all the optics are positioned in the cutting mod only. No mirrors, result couplers or H2O cooled copper lines.

However, and it is a big “but”…the little-discussed issue is the fact that if the CO2 laser must maintain a clean environment to perform better, the fiber laser must be maintained clean on a whole new degree of spotlessness.

CO2 laser a little dirty. A fiber lens will not

The co2 laser cutter will work if it is a little dirty  A fiber focal lense will not. A particulate, which is smaller when compared to a virus microbe, will end the life span of the fibers lens. Associated with, is that you are by using a different light influx size. CO2 is in the IR (infrared) range. Fiber content is in the noticeable light range.

To be able to assist in keeping the laser cutter machine in the fiber machine clean, you must use a protecting window. The very best protective windows are made of fused silica and have an AR (anti-reflective) covering on them. This enables the beam to pass through from the zoom lens to the part you are chopping, but it stops debris or dirt and grime contaminants from getting back on to the lens.

OEMS of Fiber Lasers Kept Increasing Power

As the OEMs of dietary fiber lasers stored increasing ability, another major difference became evident. When you’d a fiber content laser at 1K or 1.5K, the end user could easily change a zoom lens. However, once you started out upping the energy, to 3K and 4K the tires fell off of the wagon so to speak. Suddenly the end users were going through scores of lenses.


To make the kind of changes that you need to cut different kinds of material, the beam would have to be extended. So collimating optics were added into the cutting brain of the fiber laser. Again the issue only became exacerbated by this addition. More optics that require protection!

All this boils down to two major factors, quality and cleanliness.

There is no replacement for quality. Layer quality is as different as the firms that make them. Making a good coating is part technology and part enchanting. It requires lots of experience to get it right. Testing and continually enhancing the process has made Ophir an innovator in the covering industry for optics in lasers and infrared optics for evening eye-sight and a million other optical tasks worldwide. The laser lens for the fiber laser machines is absolutely important component.

Most of the time you can find decent feedback online from customers.  You can find reviews of Laguna Tools here.

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