6 proposals for starting a laser engraving business

Laser technology and equipment have triggered a number of business dreams of worldwide makers and DIY users. fiber laser cutting machine has helped many business owners fulfill their career dreams. It’s a laser tool that can engrave on or cut through a wide range of nonmetals by combining the user’s design and laser technology. The laser engraved and cut products almost spread on every corner of people’s lives, such as decoration, furniture, gifts, clothes, shoes, advertising boards, wedding invitations, industrial manufacturing and so on.

If you are standing at a crossroads where you are planning to start up your own business and fortunately you also have some knowledge on laser industry, then you can consider to invest a laser engraving business. Seriously speaking, many investors prefer a business field that does not require so huge investment that beyond their financial capacity, yet it can be profitable in the near future. Laser engraving business can be your best choice from this perspective. See more!

This article intends to give 6 proposals to guide you on your laser engraving business starting way

.Just 4 specific examples to inspire your business idea:

  • Signage engraving: customize signs in plastic, wood or acrylic with your customers’ own design;
  • Photo engraving: engrave impressive memories on wood or marble to remember beautiful times spent with loved ones;
  • Models engraving: from architectural model to toys, laser processed models are more environmentally friendly;
  • Festival and wedding gifts engraving: greeting cards, photo albums and ornaments all can be laser processed with best wishes and styles.

Front-end investment

A set of fundamental laser engraving equipment will only cost you as little as no more than $5,000, with which you can buy an affordable laser engraving machine and some raw materials you want to laser engrave. Laser machine operation is easy to master. Connecting this engraver to your computer and installing some graphic software packages according to your preference. Then the laser engraver will work as a printer that can “print” the patterns you have set in the connected computer.

MT-L960 laser engraving and cutting machine

Profit margins

Profit will be soaring if you try to provide customizing engraving objects to your customers. On the one hand, you can import a cost-effective laser engraving machine from China to reduce cost. And on the other hand to offer personalized engraving objects to cater to different needs. Lower cost and higher engraving quality will produce big profit margins for your laser engraving business.


As just mentioned above, the laser engraving machine works like a printer, so it’s easy to operate. The only thing you need to be trained is to master the application of graphic software package. If you have already know how to use them, then you have been very close to success.

Engraving materials

Laser engraving machines are so versatile that a greatly wide range of materials can be engraved, including paper, wood, fabric, rubber, plastic, stones, metals and much more. What is only limited is your imagination!

Find more details

When encountering a breakdown of laser engraving machine, refer to manufacturer’s brochures or user manuals. Or you can directly contact us about any of your questions and confusion regarding laser technologies and machinery.

Starting a laser engraving business involves all-round knowledge,find the best fiber laser cutting machine. Click here for more information: https://ezinearticles.com/?Guide-On-How-To-Buy-A-Laser-Cutting-Machine&id=9274665

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A Guide to Buying Your First Laser Cutter


In the event that one apparatus’ desired by Makerspaces more than some other, it must be the laser cutter. These high-accuracy machines can deliver both utilitarian and wonderful things. Their adaptability enables anybody with access to one to rapidly go into creation with his or her structures.


Go to your nearby nonmainstream create reasonably and I wager you’ll discover laser-cut adornments. Art stores are supplied brimming with laser-cut scrapbooking things. Indeed, even huge box stores are not invulnerable to the wonder of laser-cut things, offering laser-cut window draperies, occasion decorations, apparatuses, and that’s just the beginning. The intensity of the laser cutter originates from its capacity to slice through a wide scope of materials with high accuracy. Drag-blade cutters like those on specialty cutters and vinyl cutters can’t enter hard and thick materials, while a laser can cut through them like spread.

Purchasing Your First Laser Cutter

With extraordinary power comes incredible cost, yet there are three passage level alternatives that will make them pillar.

Epilog is the best quality level in case you’re searching for a great, easy to use the laser cutter. Two major favorable circumstances: Epilog’s print driver makes the way toward sending your structures to the machine snappy and effortless, and exceptional air-cooled laser tubes made by Epilog decrease the problems and potential dangers of their fluid cooled rivals. The comfort doesn’t come shoddy,however; the Zing line, they’re most moderate, begins at just shy of $8,000 for a 30-watt, 16″×12″ machine.

Full Spectrum Laser

Full Spectrum Laser began by bringing in Chinese lasers, tuning them up, and rebranding them for American deals. While trying to build dependability and usability, FSL chose to make their very own laser cutter framework and discharged the H-Series. To diminish cost, the H-Series avoids a movable bedrather, you change the laser center by moving the last focal point gathering. With a stage up in programming from the standard import contributions, the H-Series beginning at $3,499 offers incredible esteem.

Chinese Imports

Imported laser cutters are so well known, they’re right around a brand themselves. In case you’re on a financial plan or searching for the greatest value for your money, they are an extraordinary alternative. You may discover machines as modest as $400 on eBay, yet hope to pay $1,000 or more for a conventional cutter, contingent upon mods and programming redesigns you have to make. Be set up to swap out little submersible siphons proposed to go in pails for brilliant chillers, and to update your ventilation framework. The packaged programming normally offers an exceptionally poor client experience, yet that is something you can figure out how to function around particularly with the potential funds. Learn more.


In case you’re searching for a device that can augment your limits, a laser cutter has a vast expanse of conceivable outcomes. Purchasing your first laser cutter can be an overwhelming test, particularly in case you’re spending plan disapproved. Give this outline of three unique sorts a chance to manage you on your way.


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Laser Engraving Machine


Laser engravers are somewhat not quite the same as conventional engraving machines. With the laser engraving machine, no genuine bit of mechanics (instruments, bits, et cetera) ever come into contact with the surface that is being engraved. The laser itself does the engraving and there is no compelling reason to continually be supplanting engraving tips like with alternate machines.


The laser pillar is coordinated at the surface of the material which is to be engraved and it follows designs onto the surface. This is altogether controlled through the PC framework. The inside (central) purpose of the laser really is extremely hot and can either vaporize the material or causes what is known as the glass impact. The glass impact is the place the surface in reality just breaks and the material can be evacuated, uncovering the engraving that has been finished. There is no cutting procedure with the laser engraving machine.

The laser engraving machine more often than not works around the X and Y hub. The machine may be the versatile unit while the surface remains still. The surface may move while the laser remains still. Both the surface and the laser can move. Regardless of what way the machine is designed to work, the influences will dependably be the equivalent.


Laser engravers can be utilized for a wide range of things. Stamping is one of them. Stamping is utilized in a few enterprises to check their items either through numbers or lapse. It is an extensively quick process and is a simple route for the organization to accomplish this.

Laser engraving machines are accessible in business grades or for the independent venture that does not require a vast machine. The machines are intended to etch on different sorts of materials, for example, wood, plastic, metal, and so on. You can plan and make some wonderful bits of gems, workmanship, wood plaques, grants, furniture, and so forth. The potential outcomes are huge with the laser engraving machine.


These machines likewise work through programming programs. You can essentially imprint any realistic that you need, even pictures. Take a photo, check it into your PC, import the photo to your product program, change it to the grayscale, arrange the lasers speed, and so forth and afterward send it to the laser for printing. Now and again you need to hit the catches on the laser engraving machine for the print employment to really begin.

Individuals have even made handcrafted DIY laser engravers. There was a video on YouTube that demonstrated a secondary school shop understudy with his custom-made laser engraver and it was working, engraving into a bit of wood. Try not to believe that you need to spend a considerable measure of cash on obtaining a laser engraving machine since you don’t. You can really assemble one yourself, in the event that you are overcome enough to attempt. It is conceivable as the YouTube recordings demonstrate.


On the off chance that you have any further inquiries regarding laser engraving machines, contact a maker of these kinds of machines. They will have the capacity to additionally clarify this sort of innovation to you and will answer any inquiries that you can think of

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The Benefits of Using a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

More people seem to be using a fiber laser cutting machine and it’s easy to see why. It’s certainly a firm favorite of many and it’s good for those who want to set up a small craft and engraving business from home. However, there are still many who remain a bit unsure of the machine and whether or not it can offer as many benefits as it appears to. So, what are the potential benefits to come from a laser cutting machines? Read on to find out more.

Offers Better Precision

Whether you are trying to cut a piece of plastic, glass or another type of material, it’s not easy. You have to be very precise but very careful and it’s hard to get the balance right without breaking the materials. However, when you look at a laser cutter machine you can get a great tool that doesn’t take too long to use. You can get nice, clean and crisp cuts (including edges) without making life too difficult. This is why so many are choosing to use such tools and they can really offer you so much. What is more, it’s a great tool for most people whether it’s a one-off project or something they will use time and time again.

It’s A Good and Cost-Effective Machine

Despite what you might think, the overall running costs of the laser cutters can be pretty inexpensive. You have the ability to get a great machine that you can use as and when you need it and without too much trouble. Being able to get a cost-effective machine is so important today and you are going to find you get all that and more. However, the fiber laser cutting machine can enable you to get a simple way to deal with lots of materials without the need of having several different cutting machines. It’s a popular option simply because it has a lot of offer newcomers and those with limited experience of such things.

It Is Easy To Use

If you don’t have much experience with laser cutting tools, it can often be difficult to use a tool that is very new to you. However, with the use of a laser cutter machine you can find it is extremely simple to use and that it offers so much. You don’t have to put in a lot of hard work but the results can be great. What is more, you don’t really need to do much once you get the machine going. However, it would be wise to educate yourself as to how to use the machine so that you remain safe at all times.

Benefit From the Machine Today

Fiber laser cutters are really quite useful and they can offer a lot for those with and without experience. Of course, you have to be careful with these machines so that you don’t hurt yourself however; it’s not overly difficult to do once you know what you’re doing. There has never been a better time to look into a laser cutter and what it can provide for you today too. A fiber laser cutting machine is a great tool.

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Benefits of Combining C02 and Fiber Laser Machines for Sheet Metal Job Shops


Historically Co2 laser technology has been the laser of choice for both organic and non-organic materials, especially processing metal. However,  Fiber Laser technology with all its efficiency and speed are showing up more and more in metal shops across the country.


Benefits of Fiber Cutting Technology:

Fiber lasers are shown to process quicker and cheaper than their CO2 counterparts especially when cutting thinner metals 5mm  or less.  As for thin sheet metal, Fiber cuts nearly three times quicker than  CO2 and operation expenses are typically are half what’s needed compared to CO2.   But, fiber ONLY processes metal and nothing else really.   Nontheless, fiber continues lower electrical consumption and maintenance requirements for metal and there’s less down time.  Therefore, you find the absence of mirrors that you typically need with CO2 systems.  Additionally, owing to the absence of mirrors and optical device gas they need less maintenance. Mating intervals area unit usually five hundredths longer that successively permits for five hundredth lower mating prices. Moreover, they need fewer consumables to work, and therefore the consumables needed area unit cheaper than the associated greenhouse gas systems.

As the beam created from the fiber optics is additional without delay absorbed into the metals, this provides the power to chop reflective metals like copper, brass and metal whereas cutting these metals with a greenhouse gas optical device may injury the machine owing to intense back reflection. This provides larger flexibility to require additional expansive work.  Research has shown that just about seventieth of all cutting applications within the flat solid cutting market area unit within the thin-material vary underneath 5mm thick. This constitutes an outsized phase of the flat solid market.

Benefits of greenhouse gas Lasers

The cut quality of a CO2 laser is pretty consistent.   Whereas fiber being a superior cutter within thinner metals starts to lose cut quality once the fabric thickness exceeds 5mm when working with 500 watts.   Of course power and speed need to be accounted for when working with metal processing. While fiber offers performance blessings within the thin material there is some variance.   The good thing with CO2 is it only improves when the metal thickness starts to exceed 5mm.

While this might be true once examination most Fiber Lasers to greenhouse gas, in some units the final agreement of cut quality in Fiber could vary. At 2kW IPG’s Fiber optical device units are shown to realize adequate or superior cut quality to the greenhouse gas optical device right up to 12mm in low-carbon steel. At this thickness, the optical device conjointly cut at associate degree equal speed to greenhouse gas and energy consumption per cut half was still lower victimisation the fiber technology.

Benefits of incorporating each technology

It is clear that every optical device technology offers strengths which will directly complement the opposite, with fiber providing larger efficiency within the thin metal sector (0.5mm – 5mm) and greenhouse gas providing a larger blessing within thicker metals (5 to 6mm and above). Be sure to investigate the company you purchase from.  Usually you can find reviews from customers online.  For example here is a popular review for a laser company as an example.  It may or may not be accurate but the more of the same info you find the more you can get a good idea of what is really truthful.  Most job outlets have historically used greenhouse gas lasers completely as they supply consistent cut quality and in operation prices throughout variable ranges of metal thickness. Given the niche blessings of fiber technology but one will simply deduce the advantages of getting a 1 to enhance the operation of the employment search greatly.


Before taking a consequent step, you must contact your native skilled in optical device cutting machines for additional data. When considering your next possibility for your Fiber Laser cutting machine, it’s best to speak to some specialists and ensure that you just are becoming the simplest machine for your operation.

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How does a laser cutter work?

 A laser cutter is a device that produces a monochromatic, coherent beam of light to do cuttings. A laser cutter involves a motion controlled system to follow a CNC (computer numerical control)or G-code of the pattern to be cut onto the material.

In the present world, laser cutters are used in different fields for different purposes which vary from:

  • Cutting metal plates.
  • Cutting aluminium
  • Cutting steel, both mild and stainless steel.

The cutting process of a laser cutting machine

In the cutting process of a CO2 laser cutter, a beam is directed down to the part being cut. The cutting part sits on a computer controlled platform which moves the piece around the stationary laser beam. Cutting is completed by passing the beam through a focusing lens which exits through the bottom of a cutting edge nozzle. Oxygen gas is fed inside the chambers below the focusing lens. The combination of the laser beam and the oxygen gas which passes through the nozzle serves the purpose of vaporizing the steel or any other metal for cutting.

Using and handling skills of a laser engraver

Using a laser cutting machine or a laser engraver requires special handling techniques because, without the skills, no matter how greater the machine might be,an excellent result cannot be achieved. Before using the laser machine, read the instruction manual, especially whenever you’re uncertain about the numbers, settings or the compatibility.

It is worth noting that not all materials can be cut using the machine, for example, a laser machine cannot cut all types of plastic materials especially those that emits toxic gases when in contact with a laser machine, it is also advisable to wear protective gear like gloves, eye protector and heavy clothing. A computer drawing program like the Adobe Illustrator or Coredraw may be necessary to to make perfect designs and cuttings. Click here !

Advantages of a laser cutting machine

  • There is reduced contamination of work piece. This is because no cutting edge which becomes contaminated or contaminates the material since thereis no direct contact of the work piece with the cutting tool.
  • Laser cutting process is easily controlled by computer programs making it very precise as well as saving a considerable amount of work.
  • There is reduced the chance of warping the material that is being cut, as laser systems have a small heat-affected zone.
  • Laser cutting is more accurate as it cuts only the specific and intended part and the heat does not affect the rest of the work piece because the heated area is very small.

Disadvantages of using laser cutting

Cutting plastics using the laser cutting machine emits poisonous fumes which call for the workplace to be well ventilated which is equally and expensive process.

Some metals such as copper cannot be cut using laser technology making it limited to only specified metals only.

In conclusion:

Laser cutting has been very reliable for large industrial cuttings as well as for domestic purposes. The technology advancement has been in use for many decades making it a very effective and trusted method of cutting. It is for these reasons that every industry or small establishment that engages in material cutting activities should have and use a laser cutter machine.  If you’re looking for a machine be sure to review customers’ feedback.  There are third party review sites that Google approves for legitimate feedback.  Don’t take reviews on the company site too seriously as they can be manipulated.  Forums sometimes have reviews IF and only if it is from an actual customer and not some know it all with no experience.  Here’s Bodor Laser reviews.

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Desktop and Small format Laser Cutters

We are going to talk about new technologies of cutting of materials, more specifically of the fiber laser cutting machine that provides several advantages in both cost and quality of the service. When you are researching about laser cutting machines, you will find various models, cutting capabilities, platform sizes, etc.   Laser cutters offer a versatile and economical way to laser cut or engrave many different or unique materials.   The type of laser technology you need will mainly be dependent on the material you or your shop needs to process.  Let’s talk about two technologies of fiber laser cutting machine and Co2 Laser Cutting (Conventional).

Briefly, these technologies are directly related to the formation of the laser beams wavelength that in turn processes the material on the z-table.

Laser Beam Generation

In the generation of the CO2 laser beam is produced by a mixture of gases. This beam has a wavelength of 10.6 microns and an efficiency of about 8%. This poor efficiency in the generation of the laser beam generates a lot of heat and, therefore, requires a lot of cooling, requiring the use of a cooling turbine. This turbine must undergo annual maintenance and be replaced every approximately 40,000 hours on the CO2 laser cutter.

Differently, the fiber laser cutting machine is a solid state laser beam generated by the excitation of crystals. The wavelength is 1.06 microns and has an efficiency of 30%, and does not require much cooling. Without the need for gas to generate the beam does not require turbine cooling, the operation and maintenance costs are drastically reduced. The life of the source is equal to the lifetime of the equipment.

Is the difference too big?

There is another big difference between the types of laser cutting machines based on the laser wavelength namely fiber technology and CO2 based technology.

How the laser beam is transported on laser cutters

In CO2 laser cutter machines the transport of the beam is done by a system of mirrors. These mirrors require maintenance and should be replaced from time to time as they deteriorate due to particles that may enter the circuit.

Fiber laser cutting machines, the beam is transported through a fiber optic cable, which is maintenance free, consequently brings a great savings in costs with preventive and corrective maintenance compared to the mirrors mentioned above.

Power Consumption

Due to the low efficiency obtained in the generation of CO2 laser and the great need for cooling the energy consumption is higher. The fiber laser cutting machine operates on much less energy and thus more efficient as it does not require as much cooling due to its generation system is again – more efficient.  Overall the loss of energy in laser generation is much lower.

As an example, a 5 kW CO2 laser cutting machine consumes approximately 70 kW when a 3 kW fiber laser consumes about 25 KW *.

* It is believed that a 3 kW fiber machine is equivalent in performance to a 5 KW CO2 machine.

In general terms, we can say that a fiber laser machine has 60% less energy consumption than a CO2 laser.


Epilog laser has a great machine for engraving but prices are very high.  But, if you have the money it is one of the best options.  The performance of the laser cutter machine for thin sheets (up to 5 mm thick), is more effective than a CO2 machine. This is mainly due to the wavelength of the fiber bundle which is 10 times smaller than that of CO 2 (1.06 microns compared to 10.6 microns). 5 mm thick, the performance of both is very similar. Another advantage of fiber laser cutting machine is its superior performance when processing reflective materials such as aluminum, bronze or copper.  Also as a side note you can review a US based laser cutter company here.  Its a pretty good laser cutter for the price.  Also, find reviews of another prominent Chinese company based in the US –  Thunder Laser .  There are lots of potential laser cutting companies in the USA and each has its strengths.  I would suggest purchasing from a regional seller like EPILOG as opposed to importing one from abroad.  More and more we are finding problems with over seas imports when people decide to import on their own to save money.  It often becomes the most expensive route long term.

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Laser Cutting – A Contract Manufacturing Overview

Laser is the abbreviation used to represent the term “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”, which can be translated into our language as “amplification of light by stimulated emission of radiation”. This is the same laser used in the so famous fiber laser cutting machine.

It is a device that produces electromagnetic waves, that is, light, with specific characteristics. The characteristics of the laser light are as follows:

Monochromatic means that it has only a well-defined wavelength and therefore only one color;

Coherent: the electromagnetic waves produced by the laser are all in phase;

Collimated: there is little divergence between the rays of light produced by the laser, and they are practically parallel. This causes this light to propagate over large distances without losing power.

Laser operation in fiber laser cutting machine and in other laser cutters

The first laser came in the year 1960, its operation being based on the theory of Einstein and Planck, who claimed that light was formed by “packets of energy” called photons.

The atoms are formed by protons, neutrons and electrons, and the electrons are located in the electrosphere around the nucleus. Each electron occupies a specific energy level in the electrosphere. When in the ground state, the energy of the electron equals zero (E0), if the atom receives energy from some source, it will move it to a higher energy level (EX), called the excited state. However, if you lose energy, the electron will tend to migrate to a lower energy level, emitting photons. This might sound complicated, but there are thousands of laser cutter machines that work just fine in the world.

More on laser and its magic

There are three processes in which the electron can move from one energy level to another, they are:

Absorption: when an electron in its ground state of energy is subjected to an electromagnetic radiation and absorbs photons, passing into an excited state;

Spontaneous emission: occurs when the atom is in its excited state of energy and is not subjected to any energy. After some time, the electron passes into the ground state spontaneously, emitting a photon;

Stimulated emission: also occurs when the electron is in an excited state and is subjected to electromagnetic radiation, i.e., photons. A photon of energy stimulates the atom by passing into the ground state by emitting another photon. This is common in many fiber laser cutting machine.

How to trigger the laser

The laser works when it receives enough energy to excite a quantity of electrons from a material to a higher energy level until there are more electrons excited than in the ground state.

When this occurs, these electrons are stimulated to emit their photons, thus initiating a cascade effect: the emitted photon stimulates the next to emit another photon and so on. This amplifies the emission of light beams with well-defined wavelength.

Currently, lasers have several applications. Larger lasers are used in nuclear fusion research in astronomy to measure great distances and also in military applications. This is why laser engraver machine for example sound so simple and common; however, every single laser cutter machine has laser inside working as described in this article. The smaller lasers can be used in reading bar codes, reading CDs and DVDs, minor surgeries, cutting fabrics, among others.

Check out this link for more information at: http://www.instructables.com/id/10-Tips-and-Tricks-for-Laser-Engraving-and-Cutting/.


Laser Cutter Company Reviews:

Be certain to get feedback from machine owners prior to purchase.  Forums can sometimes be a source for reviews as long as you get advice from actual machine owners. Here’s examples of reviews on a CNC forum.   Another review from a forum post on the software usability.  And this company in particular may be a great company.  Point is that reviews can be found all over online.  Best to get reviews from third party sites, however.

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Laser Cutting Companies

The laser beam is formed by light particles (photons) concentrated and emitted as a continuous beam. To do this, you need to stimulate the atoms of some material to emit photons. This light is channeled with the help of mirrors to form a beam. The technology was created in 1960 by Theodore Maiman. At the time, the American physicist encouraged ruby ​​atoms to emit concentrated light. Since then, laser has evolved and is currently used in home, surgical, industrial, and military and space devices – laser beams have even been used to measure the distance between Earth and the Moon. Although it is possible to create weapons to blind enemies and to intercept Missiles (warming them to explode), laser-firing pistols, as illustrated in many comics, are not so far from reality as many people might think. However, nowadays it is possible to see lasers used in real life, as in companies that use laser cutter reviews.  You can also see some laser machinery here.

Light, camera, action – for new business chances

Creating a laser looks like a ballad, with lots of energy, frantic lighting, and a set of mirrors. Every laser needs an active principle that can be solid, like ruby, or gaseous, like carbon dioxide, inside a closed chamber. The atoms of the material are stimulated to generate light, the main ingredient of a laser beam. In order for the light to emerge, it is necessary to excite the atoms of the active principle. The stimulus may occur by electricity, by the light of a less powerful laser, by a light source or by chemical reactions. This energizes the electrons and stimulates them to try to escape the atoms.

The tendency of excited atoms is to return to stability, with the electrons returning to their original state. When this happens, the energy that stimulated the electron dissipates as light particles (photons). That is why using laser cutter happens in a safe way, nothing will explode. This is the basic concept of the machines, and each model has its variations, all working in the same style. More details here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Tips-for-buying-a-laser-cutterengraver/

How Does the Laser Tube fire?

In addition to the external energy that powers the laser tube, the photons also excite neighboring atoms, making the co2 laser engraver work, for example. With this, the amplification of the light scrolls. The term is mentioned in the acronym that forms the word laser. A pair of exactly parallel mirrors commands the circulating photons moving around the cylinder. Instead of bouncing off all sides, the photons begin to circulate in the same direction, forming a coherent beam of light, that is, in which the light does not diffuse. The front mirror does not actually reflect all the light that strikes it. It lets the tube emit only 2% of the coherent beam of light. This then is the laser beam! The material used to create the beam determines the color of the beam. The power of the laser is regulated by the amount of energy expended to stimulate the emission of light, making the magic happen in the co2 laser engraver.

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