Tips on Buying Your First Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter

If you are a creative person or some type of hobbyist than chances are that you have at least thought about laser cutting.  From crafts to jewelry and beyond, laser cutting is in many different venues.  According to an article, laser cutting can cut a wide range of materials with precision. Laser cutting can cut through metals like butter which is why it is so efficient.  If you are looking to purchase one for yourself than you must first know that they are very expensive.  Epilog has a great, maybe some one of the best laser machines on the market but the starting price is around $8,000.  But it is still a good buy.

However, don’t let cost get in the way of you getting your first laser cutter because there are a couple of options available to you. There are are a few options you can take as a beginner.  As stated you can go with the Epilog Laser which is a user-friendly laser cutter.  With many customers that can help on blogs and forums.   More power or wattage can help cut through thicker material but Epilog has the best engraving and marking machines.  Some other competitors have similar technology but Epilog has been the most successful for the longest time frame.

If you are looking for something else that is more affordable you might consider Full Spectrum Laser which is much cheaper  coming in at $3499 for their low end glass tube hobby laser.  They have some improving technology with support that is not as good as Epilog.

Finally, if you are looking for your first laser cutter, you can opt for a Chinese import on Ebay or Amazon.  Some American or Chinese companies will import to a USA location then quickly reship to their customer.  Other company’s may have only USA office for support and ship direct from China to the customer without any quality control.  Some of these companies are inexperienced and do not understand much about laser technology.

Imported machines is dangerous and often these imports dont get past the CBP at the border. They are cheap laser cutter however.  Prices often coming in at between $400 to $1000. Remember, as with anything that is cheaper, it may not be as efficient or practical long term.  Imports are always a big risk because you cant control the exporting company if they are following correct exporting procedure or have updated FDA documents.  And so for this reason I would discourage or at least be careful when looking to buy the cheaper models and opt for a USA company.


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